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CEMEX values the protection of biodiversity and is dedicated to nature conservancy. Many of our facilities have designated thousands of acres that are utilized for wildlife habitat management, wetland restoration and environmental educational programs. Several of our locations are certified through the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Corporate Lands for Learning Program.

Louisville Tree Farm

Our team in Louisville, Kentucky recently planted a tree farm at the plant site. The trees will be donated to the city and will play an integral part in Louisville’s urban reforestation program.

Fairborn Clay Mine Reclamation

Working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, our plant and quarry in Fairborn, Ohio established 47 acres as native grasslands that provide a nesting habitat for birds.

Lyons CO Beyond Compliance

CEMEX’s plant and quarry in Lyons, Colorado has stablished a multi-faceted land stewardship program that involves planting native prairie vegetation to create long-term, self-sustaining plant communities, the installation of pollinator gardens, the use of biological controls for invasive weed species, including targeted goat grazing, and other enhancements to the area’s biodiversity.