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Supplier Safety Qualification Program

Supplier Safety Qualification Program

As part of our mission to drive exceptional value through supply‐chain innovation for our operations, we are introducing our Supplier Safety Qualification Program. This program has been created to assure CEMEX that those contractors we engage with have the same commitment to the health and safety of their employees, clients, and the community in which they operate as we do. Our safety commitment, called Zero4Life, is an integral part of our company’s culture and an important factor in the selection of our supply base in the United States.

To support CEMEX in this important program, we have selected the leading global technology and applications development firm, Avetta. We are confident that Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) brings the knowledge and expertise that CEMEX demands in order to promote our high health and safety standards, to ensure a transparent supply‐chain relationship with your company, and to improve supplier safety performance.

Please review carefully the enclosed REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. In order to facilitate your enrollment Avetta will provide dedicated service representatives for onboarding in the registration phase and, in the future, to assist with your continued eligibility to do business with CEMEX.



PHASE I: Registration »
  • Register online. Each contractor and subcontractor must register on the Avetta website at and select CEMEX.
  • Pay Membership Fee. For companies that are not already active in the Avetta contractor ecosystem, there is a one-time registration fee. In addition to the registration fee, there is an annual membership fee based upon the number of client sites where products or services are provided. The complete fee structure is available on the Avetta website and can be reviewed during the registration phase.
  • If you are already a member with Avetta, simply log into your account and link your company with CEMEX. Avetta representatives will be available to provide registration assistance by phone, at (877) 725-3022. Additional fees may apply, depending on the number of sites where you provide products or services.
PHASE II: Pre-qualification »
  • Complete the Prequalification Form (PQF). Once you have registered and aligned your company with CEMEX, you may begin the qualification process by completing and submitting the PQF and Annual Update information online.
  • You will be required to include in the PQF a comprehensive list of subcontractors that you will engage for CEMEX locations. Subcontractors not registered and compliant with qualifying criteria will not be permitted on site. Contractors should instruct new subcontractors to submit PQFs at least one month prior to beginning work.
  • Upload your safety program documentation. Even if you have already provided CEMEX with a copy of your safety program, you will be required to upload your current information on the Avetta website.
  • Respond to any audit questions. After submitting your PQF online to Avetta, an Avetta representative will contact you to review your submission. Your dedicated Avetta representative will work with you to collect missing information to promote contract eligibility with CEMEX.
  • Provide your insurance. Upload a copy of your Certificate of Insurance meeting CEMEX’s insurance requirements.
PHASE III: Qualification Deadline »
  • “Green Flag” status. Your company will be considered available for work with CEMEX. Your subcontractors will receive their status independently of your company.


Question: Is my registration mandatory? »
  • Yes, due to the nature of the services you may provide to CEMEX, your company has been flagged for mandatory and immediate enrollment by the deadline.
Question: From time to time, I employ subcontractors for work at CEMEX. Do they need to register with Avetta as well? »
  • Yes, the Supplier Safety Qualification Program is mandatory for both primary and secondary contractors. You will be required to list all subcontractors on your company’s Prequalification Form (PQF) at the time of registration and ensure their subsequent registration with Avetta in order to be eligible for work at a CEMEX site. Work may be denied to a non-qualifying subcontractor even though the primary contractor’s status is “Green Flag”.
Question: I am already registered on Avetta, what do I need to do to comply with CEMEX’s request? »
  • Just log into your existing account, ensure your information is up to date, and select CEMEX as the client / facility. You must also list all subcontractors for CEMEX on your company’s Prequalification Form (PQF) at the time of registration and ensure their subsequent registration with Avetta in order to be eligible for work at a CEMEX site. Work may be denied due to a non-qualifying subcontractor even though a primary contractor’s status is “Green Flag”.
Question: I am currently working on a project at a CEMEX location. Do I need to meet the registration deadline as well? »
  • Yes, safety is an integral part of our Supplier Program and important in the decision to award work or to allow continued work at any CEMEX location. An Avetta Service Representative will assist your company in the process so that you may be evaluated by the deadline. Based on your qualification status you may be asked to continue work or halt activities on site.
Question: Is my qualification status visible to all CEMEX business locations? »
  • Yes, all CEMEX locations in the United States will have access to your eligibility status and your detailed company profile. Your eligibility status is applicable for all business locations, independent of the nature of the work at different sites. Your profile will be readily available as well to other organizations that are a part of the Avetta network.

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Inquiries may be made to:
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Phone: (877)725-3022