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We continuously communicate and interact with our customers to identify and implement effective ways to create more value for them. We recognize that customer loyalty happens by design, not by chance.

To better serve our customers, we not only need to have a clear understanding of what they need, but also the means and passion to fulfill those needs.

In each market and locality in which we operate, we do our best to provide our customers with the most compelling integrated building solutions. For example, to solve infrastructure needs in major cities, we not only provide ready-mix concrete, but we also design the project, define the best technical solution, offer different financial schemes, and execute the project in collaboration with local builders. Similarly, we work alongside our neighbors in small, less-affluent communities to help them solve their housing needs and pave their streets and sidewalks.

We suit our customers’ needs by providing them not only with high quality and tailor-made products, but also with the most reliable and cost-efficient service. For inquiries, contact your local CEMEX representative or contact Customer Care at 1-800-99-CEMEX (1-800-992-3639).

The following are examples of the different services offered to our customers throughout our operations. Not all these services are provided in all our operations and may vary from location to location.


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