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Concrete Pipe/Precast/Stormwater

CEMEX is one of the nation's leading suppliers of reinforced concrete pipe, concrete box culvert and specialty fittings for gravity flow stormwater, sanitary sewer and irrigation pipelines. Our reinforced concrete pipe products have long set the standard for strength and durability. Coupled with our concrete pipe/box culvert design engineering expertise and commitment to service we offer the premium option for water conveyance on all types of projects. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, the CEMEX Reinforced Concrete Pipe Division also offers the Stormceptor® system, a water quality treatment device used to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and free oil (TPH) from stormwater run-off. This series of units can be designed to fit the needs of any project relative to meeting NPDES stormwater permit requirements regardless of size or runoff capacity. Use the map on your right to locate the reinforced concrete pipe nearest you.


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