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Masonry Type N - Gray

Product Description

Produces a durable mortar with excellent bonding ability and has been proven to be an exceptional masonry cement for general-purpose masonry construction.


Masonry Cement is a high quality cement produced to comply with ASTM C91.

Complementary/Accessory Products

Water shall be potable and free of any substance that would adversely affect the hardened masonry or any metal used in the system.

Product Technical Information

To achieve the desirable qualities for Masonry Cement, the sand must comply with requirements outlined in ASTM C 144 or other governing codes.

Proportion and mix in accordance with ASTM C 270 procedures, or other applicable codes. Recommended mixing time is 5 to 8 minutes.

Occupational Health Information

Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wash affected areas with soap and water.

Product Benefits

By proper proportioning of this masonry cement with sand, the strength requirements for ASTM C270 Type N mortar can be obtained.

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