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About Lapis Lustre Sands

CEMEX Lapis Lustre Sands are top quality products. Our products are washed, graded, dried, and certain products are packaged to ensure quality and are tested to be compliant with California ARB Certification standards and NSF 61 Standards.

Lapis Lustre Sands are preferred over other manufactured sands due to low dust content and eco-friendly attributes.

The CEMEX Lapis Plant is located in Marina, CA just 8 miles north of Monterey along Highway 1. We service many clients who use our products at a local or global level. Our sands have served municipalities, water filtration systems, gardens and nurseries, golf courses, well drillers, sandblasters, recreational facilities and many construction uses.

Specialty Sands

Our top quality sands and customized blends are used for many purposes including Well Packing and Sandblasting... More

Filtration/Wet Sands

Our filtration and wet sands meet stringent standards and serve a variety of purposes... More

Golf Course Sands

Our sands can be used for many different golf course applications... More


CEMEX is committed to environmental stewardship and to the protection of biodiversity... More

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