Lapis Sands
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Filtration & Wet Sands

Our specialty filtration sands are screened to the nearest tenth of a millimeter to ensure quality grading. Our filtration sands meet the stringent NSF-61 Standard. We supply many pool filter enterprises and other manufactures of filtered water solutions as well as meet our customers’ needs with custom blends. We can customize filter sands to meet the desired size and uniformity co-efficient per request.


Our wet sands serve many purpose and are classified as:

  • Plaster Sand #1
  • Plaster Sand #2
  • Concrete Sand
  • Fill Sand

Filtration Sand Products

Number Effective Size
F-101 0.20-0.30
F-102 0.30-0.40
F-103 0.35-0.45
F-104 0.40-0.50
F-105 0.45-0.55
F-106 0.55-0.65
F-107 0.60-0.70
F-108 0.70-0.80
F-109 0.80-1.20
F-110 0.85-0.95
F-111 1.00-2.00
F-112 2.00-3.00