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CEMEX Gypsum Supply Division has locations throughout Florida and Alabama. We specialize in the distribution of drywall, metal framing and acoustical ceiling products. We carry a full line of wall and ceiling related building materials including lath and trims, joint finishing compounds, finish sprays, fasteners, metal and plastic beads and trims, stucco sand and cement, insulation, tools, and much more. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, the finest products available and on time and in full deliveries.

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CEMEX offers a suite of drywall options from ceiling and hardi board to mold resistant drywall. Each product is designed provide our customers with highest quality product.

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Drywall accessories

CEMEX USA sells drywall accessories including bead, tape, joint compounds, fasteners and spray textures. We stay up with ever-changing trends by carrying new and innovative materials.

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Insulation is a cost-effective, energy-saving product that increases the comfort levels for all building occupants.

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Stucco materials

Applying Stucco to exterior walls improves water resistance of masonry walls.

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