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Broco High Strength Masonry Cement

Basic Use

Broco High Strength Masonry Cement is used to make Types N, S or M mortar as defined in ASTM C-270, “Mortar for unit Masonry.”

Portland Cement Plaster

Broco High Strength Masonry Cement is used to make an “M”, “CM” or “FM” mortar as defined in ASTM C-926, “Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster.”


Broco High Strength Masonry Cement contains a water-repellent agent which is interground with the cement during finish grinding. No other additives are necessary.


Broco High Strength Masonry Cement is available in 79 pound sacks containing a plastic moisture barrier and in bulk via pressurized air tanks.


Add two thirds of the water first, then one half of the sand and then the Broco High Strength Masonry Cement. Add the rest of the sand and water to a desired consistency and mix for no less than five full minutes.

Broco for Masonry

Broco High Strength Masonry Cement when mixed with the recommended volumes of sand (ASTM C-144) will produce a mortar that will comply with the requirements for “Masonry Mortar, ASTM C-270 (Property Specification).”


To minimize retempering, mortar should not be mixed more than 15 minutes prior to use. Retempering will not adversely affect mortar quality if only evaporated water is replaced. Colored mortar should not be retempered.

Tooling of Joints

Tooling of mortar joints increases the density, durability and water tightness of the mortar surface. The moisture content of the mortar when tooled will affect the color; the drier the mortar, the darker its final color.

Broco for Stucco

Broco High Strength Masonry Cement when mixed with the recommended volumes of sand (ASTM C-897) will produce a stucco mix that will comply with the proportion requirements for the “Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster, ASTM C-926.”

Plaster Coat Sand Volume
Parts Shovels
Scratch Coat 2-1/2 - 4 17 - 28
Brown Coat 3 - 5 21 - 35
Finish Coat 2-1/2 - 3 17 - 21


Freshly mixed cement, mortar, grout or concrete may cause minor skin irritation. Avoid direct contact where possible and wash exposed skin areas promptly with water.


CEMEX’s Portland Cements can be ordered by contacting at CEMEX Customer Care at:

Customer Care  |   1-800-99-CEMEX


CEMEX, Inc. guarantees Broco High Strength Masonry when shipped from our mill or terminals to meet the current requirements of ASTM C-91, “Standard Specification for Masonry Cement,” Type S & M.


CEMEX warrants that the products identified are in accordance with the appropriate current ASTM and Federal Specifications. No one is authorized to make any modifications or addition to this warranty. CEMEX makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied with respect to this product and disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

As CEMEX has no control over the other ingredients mixed with this product or the final application, CEMEX does not and cannot warrant the finished work.

In no event shall CEMEX be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this product, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In no case shall CEMEX’s liability exceed the purchase price of this product.

Technical Services Personnel

CEMEX personnel are available to provide technical assistance by contacting Customer Care at: 1-800-99-CEMEX (1-800-992-3639).

Technical services

Mortar Type High Strength Sand Volume
/td> Parts Shovels*
N 1 Bag 3 - 1/2 - 4 25 - 28
S 1 Bag 3 - 3-1/2 21 - 25
M 1 Bag 2-1/4 - 2-1/2 16 - 18

* #2 Shovels equals 1 cubic foot


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