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Broco Stucco Cement

Sanded Stucco

Type MS and FMS
Brooksville, Florida

Product Description

Basic Use: CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix, when properly proportioned with water, will produce a plaster mortar designated “MS” or “FMS” as defined in ASTM C926 “Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster.”

Composition and Materials: CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix is manufactured using a Cemex Stucco Cement complying with ASTM C91 “Masonry Cement” and dried stucco sand complying with the material requirements for ASTM C926. These materials are proportioned, blended, and packaged under strict manufacturing conditions in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C926.

Limitations: CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix is designed to be mixed with water only. No admixtures should be used without the written approval of the architect or engineer of record.

CEMEX Sanded Stucco has an additive containing a water-repellent component which is interground with the cement during manufacture.


Plaster Bases: CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix is approved for use on all suitable plaster bases including clay tile, brick, cast in place or precast concrete, concrete masonry, or metal plaster bases.

Mixing: Approximately 1.5 gallons of cool potable water should be used per bag of the CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix. Add the majority of the water into the mixer and then slowly add the stucco mix. Allow the materials to mix for five minutes. Additional water may be needed to reach the desired consistency of the mixture. A mixing time from five to ten minutes will increase the yield.

Yield:: One bag of CEMEX Sanded Stucco Mix will produce a stucco product that will comply with the proportion requirements for ASTM C926.

Application: The plaster mortar may be hand or machine applied. The number of coats and the thickness of the stucco should be in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C926, and consistent with industry standards.

When stucco is to be applied to smooth, non-porous solid substrates, an exterior bonding agent meeting the criteria of ASTM C932 or other approved methods outlined in ASTM C926 are recommended to be used to ensure adequate adhesion.

Plaster Curing: A light fogging with water two to three times a day for three days will enable cement hydration, strength development, and adequate bond, while minimizing drying shrinkage and cracking. Users should adhere to the curing requirements in ASTM C926.

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