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Rinker White Portland Cement

Type I
Miami, Florida

Product Description

Rinker White Portland Cement is a high quality cement that differs from regular Portland cement in color. It is known for the consistency of its white color and is made to conform to the specifications of ASTM C150 Type I.

Basic Use: Rinker White Portland Cement is used primarily for architectural purposes, such as pre-cast concrete, concrete pavers, concrete roof tile, terrazzo and swimming pool plasters

Limitations: Aggregate for concrete should be clean, free of chemicals, coatings of clay, or other fine materials that may affect the hydration and bond of the cement paste. Curing that could cause discolorationmust be avoided, and care must be taken to avoid stains from tools, equipment, and component materials.

Availability: Rinker Roof White Portland Cement is available in 94 pound sacks containing a plastic moisture barrier and in bulk via pressurized bulk containers.

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