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Accumix Masonry Cement

AccuMix Preblended Masonry Cements

Types N, S and M
Birmingham, Alabama

Product Description

Basic Use: AccuMix Preblended Masonry Cement Mortar will produce a masonry mortar for use in brick, block and stone construction.

AccuMix Masonry Cement Mortar Mix is also available in Custom Colors. Color selection may be made through your AccuMix representative.

Composition and Materials: AccuMix Preblended Masonry Cement Mortar is a blend of Cemex masonry cement complying with ASTM C91 “ Masonry Cement”, and dried sand complying with ASTM C144 “Aggregate for Masonry Mortar”. Colored mortar contains pigments complying with ASTM C979 “Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete”.

These materials are proportioned, blended, and packaged under strict manufacturing conditions in accordance to the requirements of the Proportion and Property Specifications in ASTM C270 “Mortar for Unit Masonry” for Types N, S or M mortars (Tables 1 & 2).

Availability: AccuMix Preblended Masonry Cement Mortar Mix is available in 80 pound bags containing a plastic moisture barrier, and 3000 pound super sacks to be used in the AccuMix silo system.

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Mixing: AccuMix Preblended Masonry Cement Mortar only requires the addition of water. Machine mixing should be used whenever possible. Add sufficient water to produce a workable mix. Mortar should be mixed for at least three to five minutes.

Water: All water should be clean and free from organic material and deleterious amounts of dissolved acids, alkalis and salts.

Retempering: To minimize retempering, mortar should not be mixed more than 15 minutes prior to use. Retempering will not adversely affect mortar quality if only evaporated water is replaced. No mortar should be used or retempered beyond 2½ hours after the initial mixing. Colored mortar should not be retempered.

Application: Good workmanship principles are required for successful application, including proper filling of head and bed joints, careful placement of units, appropriate tooling of the joint, modification of construction procedures and/or schedules to adapt to extreme weather conditions, and proper cleaning procedures.

Tooling of Joints: Tooling of mortar joints increases the density, durability and water tightness of the mortar surface. Masonry joints should be tooled at the same degree of stiffness and moisture. The moisture content of the mortar when tooled will affect the color; the drier the mortar, the darker its final color. If joints are tooled too early, excess water will be drawn to the surface, producing lighter joints.

Hot Weather Precautions: Mortars exposed to hot winds and full sun will tend to lose workability due to the evaporation of water. Common sense precautions should be taken to protect the mortar such as shading the mixer, wetting mortar boards, covering wheelbarrows and tubs, and balancing mortar production to meet demand. If it is necessary to restore workability, mortar may be retempered by adding water and remixing.

Cold Weather Precautions: Mortar should be maintained at a minimum temperature of 40° F as prescribed by standard cold weather masonry specifications. Cold weather admixtures should be approved by the architect.

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Table 1. Proportion Specification (Parts by Volume)

Mortar Type Masonry Cement Type N Masonry Cement Type S Masonry Cement Type M Masonry Sand
N 1 - - 2 ¼ - 3
S - 1 - 2 ¼ - 3
M - - 1 2 ¼ - 3

Table 2. Property Specification

Mortar Type Compressive Strength Min., psi (MPa) Water Retention Minimum % Air Maximum %
N 750 (5.2) 75 20
S 1800 (12.4) 75 18
M 2500 (17.2) 75 18
Mortar Coverage Estimation More

Mortar Coverage Estimation Sheet

Type S
Unit Pieces per 3000LB Bulk Bag Pieces per 80# Bag
8x8x16 CMU 400 - 430 10
12x8x16 CMU 280 - 300 7

Type N
Unit Pieces per 3000LB Bulk Bag Pieces per 80# Bag
Modular Brick 1500 - 1600 40
Queen Brick 1000 - 1100 26
Utility Brick 850 - 890 23

*All estimates are approximate.

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