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Hot Mix Asphalt & Other Commercial Asphalt Mixes

CEMEX has asphalt product locations in Arizona and California, Oregon, Washington and El paso, Texas. We sell a wide range of asphalt products from standard hot mix asphalt (HMA) to state DOT designs and even customized private mixes. Hot mix asphalt is commonly used in commercial asphalt paving. CEMEX also produces other speciality products such as cold mix and asphalt treated base.


Our projects range from main inter-state highways to commerical asphalt paving.

Standard Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

Product description
Standard hot mix asphalt is one or more layers of hot mix asphalt. HMA is one of the most used and durable paving materials on roads and is made by combining crushed stones (gravel and sand) with liquid asphalt cement (a black, sticky substance which is a by-product of petroleum refining). Many of our hot mix asphalt products incorporate recycled asphalt materials. By weight asphalt is one of the world's most highly recycled products.

Road surfaces are engineered structures - just like buildings and bridges - and must be designed to withstand specific weight loads, volume of traffic and weather conditions.

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Hot mix asphalt facilities make a wide variety of different pavement mixes for specific pavement types. Hot mix asphalt facilities heat aggregates, then mix it with asphalt cement. The asphalt cement works like a glue to hold the pavement together.

State Specified Asphalt

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State Department of Transportation (DOT) approved mixes, asphalt treated bases (ATB) and cold mixes for temporary patching.

These highly technical products can be used on major inter-state highway systems all the way down to rural country roads. Many city and county municipalities specify these types of asphaltic concretes on their public and commercial asphalt paving.

WSDOT approved mix designs.

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CEMEX is a member of several Asphalt Pavement Associations. We have received numerous quality and environmental awards.

To use the Tonnage Calculator, first choose which units you'll be using: English or metric. Then, simply enter the dimensions of the project, click on whether you are measuring the thickness in feet or inches, then click on the Calculate button. The calculator will estimate the approximate tonnage of aggregates and asphalt, as well as the volume of dirt to be removed.Click here

Asphalt pavement is usually approximately 95 percent aggregate, which could be stone, sand, or gravel, and 5 percent Asphalt cement as a binder. The binder is a product of oil refining and acts to glue the aggregates together.

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