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Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls add not only beauty to your property, but also lasting value. CEMEX produces several sizes of segmental retaining wall block, for a variety of designs and applications. Segmental retaining wall systems are excellent do-it-yourself projects for the homeowner, as well as solutions for the heaviest industrial and commercial use. By blending with its surroundings, the natural beauty of a CEMEX retaining wall is an ideal complement to the existing lines of any site.


The Mesa Standard Unit, the most popular size in the Mesa line, fulfills virtually every retaining wall need. When combined with Tensar structural geogrids and the patented Mesa connector, the Standard Unit can accommodate a variety of applications. These units are ideas for use in commercial, industrial and residential sites.

The Mesa Gardener Unit was conceived to enhance the beauty of your property through simple "do-it-yourself" projects. The Gardener Units can be used to construct walls up to three feet high without secondary reinforcement. Installation is further simplified with unique hand holds, making the units easier to carry and install while avoiding pinched fingers which are typically associated with traditional concrete block.

CornerStone® 100
The CornerStone® 100 block is a hollow core unit that combine durable, precast concrete with ease of installation. Large core, unique connecting lugs, and tapered sides allow maximum flexibility during construction while maintaining high structural integrity. When stacked and filled with gravel, the CornerStone® 100 units interlock, providing high shear resistance, excellent connection strength to geosynthetic reinforcement (where required) and maximum layout versatility.

CornerStone® 200
Deeper than the CornerStone® 100 unit, the hollow core CornerStone® 200 is recommended for installations where heavy loads are in close proximity to a wall or where extra wall stability is required. CornerStone® 200 units can be used for gravity walls up to six feet (1.8 meters) tall. Applications range from low, lightly loaded gravity designed residential retaining walls to high (30 ft or more), commercial and industrial geogrid reinforced structures.

FrogStones™ light unit weight combined with a relatively large face means that a FrogStone™ wall can be built more quickly and easily than competing wall systems. The units are textured with three available faces that resemble weathered rock. The tapered unit, and its large hollow core, enable a variety of unique design solutions for projects ranging from do-it-yourself garden walls to engineered, geogrid reinforced, load bearing commercial projects.

The scapestone allows you to customize your outdoors with a retaining wall design influenced by nature. The natural look of stone and rich earth tones create a dynamic visual appeal. The flexibility of this retaining wall system lends itself to designs that compliment any landscape.

Accessory units are also available for each type of block

Note: Not all products are available at all locations. Please contact your local CEMEX representative for information on product availability in your area or contact Customer Care at: 1-800-99-CEMEX (1-800-992-3639).


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