Open up traffic in a matter of hours with Accelerate

Accelerated Set Concrete

CEMEX ACCELERATE is an innovative approach to fast-track highway panel and bridge approach slab replacement. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, on-site technical personnel and superior 24/7 service, ACCELERATE enables you to open up a road to traffic in a matter of hours.

ACCELERATE is the result of CEMEX's extensive testing and expertise gained after having delivered thousands of cubic yards of concrete fro rapid-strength applications. When your concern is to open the road back up on time, CEMEX can provide materials, experienced personnel and proven processes to ensure timely and consistent delivery of concrete that will make your project a success.

Rely on CEMEX for Precision and Consistency

Success on a time-sensitive construction project largely depends on having concrete ready for pouring when you need it, exactly how you need it. Having a supplier that you can count on to provide timely and consistent deliveries becomes the key to finish your project on time.

It was with this in mind that CEMEX invested countless hours in testing different raw materials and admixtures to create ACCELERATE, a new standard for performance in rapid-strength concrete. ACCELERATE will deliver the right slump, strength and temperature, every single time and without delays.

In addition, ACCELERATE can be tailored to reach specific flexural or comprenssive strengths within your desired timeframe, provide shrinkage control and meet all of the current CalTran's specifications for rapid-strength concrete.

CEMEX Product Specified Strength Set Time (In Hours)
ACCELERATE 403*** 400 psi * 3
ACCELERATE 404 400 psi * 4
ACCELERATE 1206 1200 psi ** 6
ACCELERATE 1212 1200 psi ** 12

* Flexural Strength
** Compressive Strength
*** Not available in all locations

Regardless of the size of your project, CEMEX will provide specially-designed dosing equipment, as well as experienced on-site Operations and Quality Control personnel to work with you 24/7 until the project is complete.

With our vast experience, having successfully supplied thousands of cubic yards in the past, we are confident that ACCELERATE will meet and exceed your construction needs.

ACCELERATE Your Path to Sustainable Construction

ACCELERATE is not only an efficient way to build, rehabilitate, and rebuild a road, it is also an environmentally-friendly solution. Since roads are quickly reopened to circulation, ACCELERATE reducese traffic CO2 emissions associated with road closures and delays.

As with regular concrete, ACCELERATE's durability allows a road to be in service for many years before it requires any maintenance, reducing the lifecycle CO2 emissions of that road when compared to asphalt. Additionally, concrete enjoys high solar reflectivity which minimizes the heat island effect and can be recycled after the life of the road.

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Product Description

Rapid setting concrete mixture used when early strength is required.


Cold weather placements, tight scheduling requirement projects, reduced finishing projects as needed, pavement repairs.


ASTM C-94, ASTM 494, Applicable DOT Specifications

Product Benefits

Accelerated set concrete stiffens and strengthens faster than normal concrete. This reduces finishing time, allows for earlier removal and/or allows traffic on to pavements sooner. Close

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