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Safety Drives Innovation at CEMEX USA Houston Plant

Date published: Abril 6, 2017
  • CEMEX USA workers develop three innovations to help make their job site safer

Safety Drives Innovation at CEMEX USA Houston Plant

Mechanics at CEMEX USA’s Navigation Ready-Mix Plant near downtown Houston are helping set the safety standard by developing new processes and creating innovative devices to improve their workplace.

They have developed three different innovations to reduce risks. One device they developed is a modified engine hoist that reduces injury risk when workers change out damaged rollers on mixer trucks. The hoist prevents workers from putting extra strain on their backs while moving the 80-plus pound rollers.

“Safety and innovation are a part of everything we do at CEMEX,” said Scott Ducoff, CEMEX USA’s Texas regional president. “With the extra effort focused on safety, the entire Texas region has reached the milestone of 365 days without a lost-time injury.”

Mechanics in the Navigation shop also developed a drum stand for extra support during the roller-changing process. Workers wrap a nylon strap around the drum and lift it off the rollers with a crane. They developed a metal stand to provide additional support and safety while the drum is lifted. Safety is at top of mind from beginning to end.

Safety Drives Innovation at CEMEX USA Houston Plant

“Mechanics first do a lock out-tag out, then they choke the wheels, remove the keys and put the keys at a safety station,” Navigation Plant Manager Michael Reed said. “Everyone here is trying to come up with new ideas to make sure they’re safe and efficient while doing their jobs.”

The team is also looking for ways to continuously improve safety on-site. Currently, mechanics are testing a new method to keep hoses off the floors to reduce tripping hazards. The team is using yellow, rubber straps with hooks. They attach the straps to high points of the trucks to hold the hoses about seven feet above the ground.

“Innovation is a never-ending journey,” Ducoff said. “We always want to improve safety. It reaffirms CEMEX’s commitment to Zero4Life.”

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