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Jim Turici and Hugh Wang achieve honorary status

Date published: Aug 26, 2015

Jim Turici, CEMEX USA Director of Technical Services, and Hugh Wang, Director of CEMEX USA Technical Center, were recognized for their technical expertise, outstanding contributions, and dedication to the cement and concrete industry this year by two prestigious industry organizations. Turici was elected a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute, and Wang was elected as an honorary member of the ASTM International Committee C01

ACI works to advance concrete knowledge through certification programs, technical documents and a college scholarship program. Turici has worked on many of the organization’s committees at the national and state levels as well as through its Pittsburgh Chapter.

ASTM International develops and publishes technical standards worldwide for a wide range of industries. Committee C01 on Cement was formed in 1902 and has jurisdiction over more than 50 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

CEMEX wins 2014-2015 ARPA Community Excellence Award

“Jim Turici and Hugh Wang are to be heartily congratulated for their accomplishments and elevated memberships in these prestigious trade organizations,” said Hamid Farzam, CEMEX USA Vice President, Technical Services & Quality Assurance. “Their appointments telegraph to the world that CEMEX is a recognized source of expertise due to the fine qualities of these two individuals and the rest of the people in the Technical Services and Quality Assurance Team who have spent the last few years working diligently to enhance our technical knowledge and establish our expertise among all trade organizations within our industry.”