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Roller Compacted Concrete Presents New Pavement Solutions in Midland, Texas

Midland, TX – June 10, 2014
  • New pavement type could save Midland time and money

A new concrete paving laid in the tall city could save you time. City officials say it's being used along Lamesa road, and they promise it will shorten the construction time. It's called roller compacted concrete or RCC for short. After months of frustrated drivers over a deteriorating Lamesa road, RCC should smooth things over.

"This is a way for Midland to improve its road infrastructure, to really over the long term its going to decrease maintenance expenses, " says Jal Prusinski, Executive Director of the Cement Council of Texas.

It's an improvement providing durable roads lasting up to 25 years, and shorter construction time means less hassles for drivers.

"It's much faster than conventional concrete than conventional concrete and even really asphault," Prusinski explained.

In most cases, it takes only a few days to finish a section of road.

"A few weeks ago, two lanes of it were constructed on one side, and that was done over a four day period," he says.

Installation of the new road surface on Lamesa Road is underway, and it's going to be a faster process to install, but there is concern it could cause faster drivers.

What happens is if you get a new RCC road in place of a road that's really deteriorated, people tend to drive faster," theorized Prusinski.

Drivers won't complain about a smooth road surface, and Midland city officials are already setting their sights on the future.

"Midland is really looking beyond this Lamesa road project and looking at doing more RCC."