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Business Services Organization

Our mission is to redefine what is possible while providing shared business services at world-class quality and cost. We consolidate processes and systems in one location so they can be leveraged across the entire organization. Centralizing and streamlining functions such as transactional processes, finance and accounting, information technology and training helps lower costs and improves responsiveness to employees needs. We ensure that all local financial initiatives are in accord with our financial business plan. We also build market and competitive technology intelligence for the development, evaluation, and integration of new production technologies and processes into our company.


A current challenge is to find efficient ways to provide cost-effective services such as technology, training, accounting, financial, and transactional services to key business processes. Ensuring that we remain at the forefront of knowledge on our services is one key factor for us. This will allow us to identify relevant and successful new developments, at an early stage, so these services can be promptly adopted by our operations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

Be part of the challenge

In this area, we look for technologically savvy individuals with strong analytical, financial, negotiation and people skills, who are eager to look for new ways of doing old things. It is fundamental that our people be skillful team-workers who are able to lead, and drive internal and external networks of expertise in pursuit of technological, financial, transactional, and development challenges.

As a team, our core capabilities include adjusting to local environments and challenges, continuously and proactively rethinking how we do things, and evaluating the new ideas we generate. If you enjoy challenges, consider yourself a problem-solver, and enjoy keeping current on developments, this can be a great career opportunity for you.

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