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About CEMEX Operational Excellence
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The CEMEX Operational Excellence Model starts with our vision. We’ll achieve our vision by constantly focusing on our purpose, executing our mission and driving our strategy. In order to do that, we need to have the most efficient operations in the industry.

Our Vision

What we’re aiming for
We’re striving to build a better future for our people, customers, shareholders and communities.

Aiming for

How we’ll get there
We’ll accomplish this through four guiding principles – the core of the model. These principles – Mindset, Leadership, Skillset and Collaboration – will define a new way we approach and manage the business as well as lead our people.

Guiding Principles

What it will look like
We’ll embed the Operational Excellence Model into our organization through a long-term journey of iterations, learning content, and then applying it in the work environment with the help of coaching and mentoring. This will happen until it becomes a standard way of working across CEMEX USA.

Live Use Learn

What you can do
If you’re a CEMEX employee, you can start applying the model to your everyday work. Visit the Training & Resources tab for more information.

If you’re a CEMEX customer or shareholder, we’ll continue to keep you informed about our progress in improving our operations and becoming even more effective and efficient.

Ignacio Madridejos

“To become a great company we need to create a culture that empowers all of our people to focus on delivering exceptional results through a constant and continuous evolution of all of our business processes.”

Ignacio Madridejos
President, CEMEX USA